Sure, We'll Talk About Ourselves

My Favorite Hair Tie® is a small company out of Boca Raton, Florida. We're focused on one thing - premium hair ties at a cost per hair tie no one can beat. 

I am a young female entrepreneur who simply started this company because I was fed up with kinks and tension headaches from outdated ponytail holder designs. I finally asked the cliche question, "There has to be a better way!?".

It took me over a year to perfect the spiral designed hair tie offered today. I was very focused on using premium materials, perfecting the strength, design and color accuracy. If you've seen this idea sold by others outside of the US, please know that our approach is backed with premium grade quality materials, an eco-friendly mindset, and philanthropy cause. 

Product Improvements:

  1. Offer you more hair ties without costing you more per hair tie.
  2. Eco-friendly material.
  3. Customized colors to match common hair colors for a sleek, fashion forward look.
  4. Optimized the amount of coils & band thickness for the perfect grasp on your hair to withstand all day wear and high endurance activities.
  5. Refined glossy finish to guarantee My Favorite Hair Tie® comfortably glides out of your hair. Leaving no trace of a dent and avoiding tangles and breaking hair. 

It truly is My Favorite Hair Tie!

We continually work really hard to pair sleek, fashionable, and versatile kits for Active and Everyday use.

That's it - simple - just a stylish, premium product with a clear purpose that we believe you'll love as much as we do. 

Have you heard of Wigs for Kids? It's a charitable organization which provides a free, human hair wig to those experiencing medical hair loss. This could be due to cancer treatments, alopecia, burns, etc. Through your purchase, a pack of hair ties gets donated to a child receiving a wig. Our spiral hair tie design protects and preserves the human hair wig. Learn more about donating your ponytail to a child in need.