Clear Spiral Hair Ties Are Everything!

Clear Spiral Hair Ties

Let's face it, clear spiral hair ties are the answer to blending seamlessly into any updo hair color. We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but having your hair out of your face while you attack the day is key. My Favorite Hair Ties were specifically designed to ensure that happens. The unique coil design grasps your hair while securing your ponytail the perfect way to avoid tension headaches typically experienced by old bland hair ties.
Our clear spiral hair ties were developed to be as invisible as possible, so the focus remains on you, not your hair. This means, regardless of your hair color, you have a solution to any activity requiring you to roll up your sleeves and pin up that hair.
Our Active Clear Spiral Hair Ties are perfect for holding up any fierce workout or long distance run. Athletes love our Active Spiral Hair Tie collection for that specific purpose. You'll enjoy a thicker coil and a more secure grasp on your updo so you have one less distraction.
Check them out - We're excited to share our favorite hair ties with you!