Spiral Hair Ties Are For Any Hair Type

It doesn't matter the type of hair you have, spiral hair ties by My Favorite Hair Tie® are engineered with a coil design to grasp and reliably hold any updo. We created two product lines to accommodate an active lifestyle or a relaxed everyday lifestyle

Our active spiral hair tie is constructed of a thicker denser coil to deliver a stronger more secure grasp on your ponytail/updo. This makes it ideal for gym workouts, running, HIIT routines or even Crossfit. Historically, old hair ties during these activities would slip out of your hair as you're charging into each routine or exercise. The reason being, the old hair ties are rubber bands with no grip and rely on tension to stay secured. The My Favorite Hair Tie® Active line provides your hair with a comfortable but secure grasp, due to the coils linking into multiple stands of your hair all at once. Regardless of thin, thick or curly hair, the active spiral hair tie will keep it in its place and remove without any kink. 

Our everyday spiral hair tie are designed to be a thinner lighter coil to blend more seamlessly into your hair while still providing all day support. For the stylish professional or going about a normal daily routine, this hair tie line is perfect for you. Same advanced design just in a smaller more unnoticeable approach. You will enjoy wearing the everyday my favorite hair ties all the way up until it's time to let your hair down.

Let's upgrade your old hair ties to a new revolutionary design. A small change for a big difference.