Spiral Hair Ties Are In - Old Bland Hair Ties Are Out!

We're all tiered of ratty updos, messy buns and wild ponytails.

It's time to get your hair out of your face and put it in its place.

My Favorite Hair Tie is spiral designed to help you avoid tension headaches, blend seamlessly and grasp not tug your hair. The glossy finish on the hair tie is the answer to finally addressing that post-gym ponytail kink that we all experience. All these pros add up to one thing, the answer to your ponytail nightmare. 

No matter how you describe it - spiral, coil, a "phone cord" hair tie - the design has been mimicked and copied by a few. No one takes the time to actually perfect the design, which is where My Favorite Hair Tie comes in. The finish on our hair ties have been product tested extensively so that it feels perfect in your hair while intentionally helping it glide smoothly out when it's time to let your hair down. We have also product tested the amount of coils per hair tie. Too many and you lose the proper grasp, too few and you lose the strength needed for thicker hair. The details stack up and we care about those details to provide the best premium hair tie you could possibly need.

The brilliance of our favorite spiral hair ties are that we offer color specific packages. Enjoy a snag-free experience no matter your hair color - we have color matched our hair ties to blend with black, brunette, blonde, white or clear.

Let's all finally say goodbye to ponytail kinks, hair damage, hair rips, hair snags, and the alike. My Favorite Hair Tie is the upgrade you deserve and solution to a better daily routine. Tackle your day knowing you have one less distraction!

Spiral Hair Tie Benefits